Online Affirming Therapy in North Carolina

Panacea Mental Wellness, PLLC provides an affirming place for folx to create their authentic lives. Together, we focus on clients’ strengths so they can overcome low self-confidence and experience the life they deserve.

Affirming Therapy in North Carolina

Let’s figure this $hit out together.

Hi, we’re Panacea Mental Wellness, and we can help. 

We provide person centered mental wellness support using a collaborative approach.

Our authentic, affirming providers focus on you and your individual experiences. Clients walk away from therapy with us feeling empowered, nurtured, and ready to tackle life’s challenges.


How Can We Help?

Anti fat bias, Anti-racist, Disability affirming, LGBTQ+ affirming, and Neurodivergence affirming Therapy.

Affirming support for your unique needs.

Collaborative, Transparent Autism Assessments

Put the imposter syndrome to rest and start to unmask with a thorough assessment from an affirming provider.

Life Experiences with Suicide

Suicide loss survivors, suicide attempt survivors, those living with thoughts of suicide—lighten your load with an compassionate, collaborative provider.

Gender Affirming Therapy and Letters

Explore your identity and experiences in a safe space
, so you can increase your confidence and live authentically. Schedule a gender affirming letter assessment.

Authentic Therapy for LGBTQ+ Individuals and Relationships

Increase your self-compassion and improve relationships while being supported by a therapist you can trust to center you and your experiences.

Person Centered Therapy and Accommodation Letters for Folx with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses

Discover person-centered therapy in Eastern North Carolina tailored for those with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Navigate daily challenges, advocate effectively, and regain control of your life with a therapist who understands, having a background in rehabilitation studies and personal experience with chronic conditions.


What’s Next?

You don’t have to keep second guessing yourself. We can help you build back your confidence.

Step 01 – Schedule a Meet-and-Greet

Reach out today and we’ll answer any questions and address any concerns you have. Before your first appointment, you can be sure we’re a good fit. If we aren’t, we will help you find a therapist that is.

Step 02 – Work with an Authentic Therapist

Attend online counseling in a safe, affirming space to explore your concerns. Together, we’ll develop the tools needed to figure this $hit out.

Step 03 – Feel Empowered Again

You’ll rediscover your strengths and become ready to live the life you’ve always wanted.