The Story Behind the Name

Panacea (pa·nuh·see·uh) can be roughly translated into “all-healing”. While we know there is no one solution to improving mental wellness, our hope is that our services become a part of a holistic approach to your mental health. In Greek mythology, Panacea was a goddess who provided universal healing through a potion (thus the cup-like logo). 

You might notice that Panacea is very similar to the founder’s name, Dana (day·nuh) Cea (see·uh). Dana lost her father, James, to suicide after his battle with bipolar disorder and substance use. James enjoyed Greek mythology and had a great sense of humor. Dana figures he would have appreciated the multiple layers of the name!

We are; Anti-fat bias, Anti-racist, Disability affirming, LGBTQ+ affirming, Neurodivergence affirming

The Values of Panacea

P – Person Centered
A – Affirming
N – Nurturing
A – Authentic
C – Collaborative
E – Empowering
A – Accountable

Meet the team

Dana M. Cea (she/they)


Shanika Brown (she)

Administrative Associate

Atticus Toriello (he)

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern Student